Offering Educational Research and Developmental Services in Agriculture, Information Technology, Satellite/Telecommunications, Medical, Commerce and Industries, and all other Spheres of lives.

  • Good and Improved Seedlings
  • Good and Healthy High Yielding Farm Products
  • Good Storage and Preservation Facilities
  • Variety of Good Quality Processing Plants
  • Sales/Marketing Channels for Local and Export Markets
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Today, our country and society need to urgently look at the immediate environment for improvement and source of Revenue generation. The prevailing economic realities in Nigeria prove to all that crude oil business will no longer sustain the nation and her people. This calls for diversification and genuine hard work. Nigeria, a country so blessed with its fertile and arable land, should work with natural resources given to us freely by God. We have enormous challenges facing us as a people even with such a green land that are blessed with strong, able-bodied, hardworking, young men and women. WHY are our YOUTHS unemployed and others running to foreign lands to work as labourers? DERDC’s VISION is to work in partnership with other stakeholders to restore the glory of our Nation Nigeria through Industrialization, Infrastructural Development and Sustainable Integrated Agricultural Solutions We already organised some communities to develop Integrated Farming Solution that comprises of three stages: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary that will ensure provision of:

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Steady internet connection

Access to speedy banking prefferably online banking

An operational email address

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